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Giving families the support they need to ease their journey through the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) both at the hospital and beyond.


NICU Families

NICU Love & Lasting Love, for families with babies currently in-unit and after discharge from the Neonatal ICU. Click here to get connected to support and resources for your NICU journey.

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Bereaved Families

Love Camden & Friends, bereavement and grief support, love, and guidance to families whose lives are forever changed by the loss of a baby.

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NICU team members and providers, our educational offers modules to learn about LFL, develop coping skills, self-care practices, team-building education, and more.

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Our Mission

Through facilitated support groups, Essentials Bags and grants, Love for Lily’s mission is to support families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to thrive during their stay and at home.

Facilitated support groups, such as Lasting Love, our post-NICU group, teach coping skills and provide community. Essentials Bags are stuffed with items that can provide a little comfort and ease the burden of life in the NICU. Grants help insured families who spend four or more weeks in the NICU obtain therapies that support the well-being of their child(ren).

Partners & Sponsors

Our partners & sponsors are the lifeblood of Love for Lily, their generosity makes the work we do possible.

Our Impact

Families supported through support groups

Coming together, building community, learning coping skills and easing the feelings of isolation, our facilitated support groups are the pinnacle of our programing.

Essentials bags delivered to families admitted to the Neonatal ICU

Essentials Bags are given to every family admitted to NICU units at our participating hospitals. Inside are items that can ease the journey; items include basics like a toothbrush and face wash, a journal and ways to get connected. Simple items that make a world of difference after a long night or many long nights.

Grants given to families

Totaling $137,227 in grants given to qualifying families over 10 years, our grant program supports the well-being of infants served in the neonatal ICU. Love for Lily’s grant program provides a hand up when families need it most.

Get Involved

We want you! Join a committee, volunteer to bring breakfast, host an Essentials Bag-making event or donate to support the vital work we are doing. There are so many ways to get involved — if you have a skill or passion you want to share, please reach out and let’s partner together.

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Join our team of volunteers! Whether you prefer to work from home or come in and work with the team, we have many different ways to get involved.


Does your office host volunteer days? Would you like to teach your team about the robust volunteer culture in the Denver metro area? We have many ways to get the whole team involved!


We are 100% donor funded and are incredibly grateful for every dollar that is contributed to Love for Lily. You can make a one-time donation, sponsor our organization or an event or set up a recurring payment.