Bereavement Programs

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Our Mission

To Support NICU Families through loss & grief. Through the white pages in our hospital folders we offer resources, wisdom, and support. Stuffed animals weighted to the child’s birth weight giving parents something to hold in empty arms and matching lovies for siblings to snuggle. It is our hope that no parents will ever have to walk this path alone.

There are no good words to write or say if you find yourself reading this page of our website. The loss of a baby is heart breaking, soul wrenching. You are not alone. We see you. This isn’t have it was suppose to be. And here you are. At Love for Lily we often say that there is an unspoken club that you never want to be part of and when you find yourself here in this moment, you are so grateful there are other people in it.

If you find yourself frozen and unsure what to do next start here, join our Facebook group, this is a private group where you can connect to other families who have experienced a loss.

Also, you can check out our resources page that is filled with information especially for you. There are downloadable pdf files from our White Page Folders covering a range of topics from a patients bill of rights to logistical items such as what to do about mamas milk flow. These pages have been thoughtfully prepared by 4 mamas that all experienced a death of a baby in different ways and with the same devastating effect. A loss is a loss and the pain is real. Together with our team of mamas and daddies in collaboration with 2 nurses and 2 therapists these pages are for you, read them all or just pick them one that you need today.

We are here for you. Please reach out to us via call or text at (720) 526-2556 or send us an email.

Our Beginning

Love, Camden & Friends was created by a group of moms whose lives were forever changed by the loss of a baby. While everyone’s story is different, we were all connected through Love for Lily, an organization that provides support to families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). All of us experienced the loss of a baby either before or during our NICU stay.

It’s hard to know where or who you can turn to with the magnitude of grief and emotions that come with the loss of baby, with the birth of another, with the experience of leaving the hospital with one baby in your arms where there used to be two. Love, Camden & Friends cannot take away the agony of losing a baby although we wish we could. Our goal is to help ease, in some small way, what each of these families are experiencing. The journey towards healing is a long and arduous road full of questions, doubt, anger and sadness. It takes courage and bravery to walk down this path, and you don’t have to do it alone. We are mamas who have walked the winding path, we know all too well the pain of a baby’s death. There are so many who have come before us and there will be mamas to come after. We believe that healing begins with a community and that no family should walk alone.

Love, Camden & Friends stands with each family that walks through the fire, we offer all we can: support, love, and guidance.

“We hold our arms open because inevitably there will be more Mamas and Daddys that say goodbye too soon. Through this program, because of the work that we have done as a village Love, Camden & Friends says to any family experiencing a loss; you don’t have to do it alone.”

— Sahra Cahoon, Founding Mama

Our Journeys

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Theresa’s Journey

We believe that part of Camden’s grace and love for his brother allowed Finn to be born at a time and with enough fight to come home 4 months later. We carry him in our hearts every single day. Finn and Camden were a long time in the making. After years of trying, work with…

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Mia and Leo

Mia’s Journey

My husband and I surrounded him in as much love and light as we possibly could during his passing. Long before I was pregnant I intended to have a home birth. I chose to work with a very experienced midwife, and after measuring big at two of my appointments with her, she suggested I schedule…

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baby Bea

Sarah’s Journey

Taking long hikes kept me calm because about all I could do was put one foot in front of the other. I have a chronic medical condition called autosomal dominant hypocalcemia which means that my body has trouble regulating electrolytes specifically calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous. To manage this condition, I take many, many pills,…

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Teddy holding Lily

Sahra’s Journey

We left the hospital with Lily in our arms and hospice by our side. Our hearts were unable to believe that our beautiful girl was not going to survive. When I found out I was pregnant we were elated, I had always wanted a family and although we were not trying to get pregnant the…

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