Love for Lily provides grants on a monthly basis. The purpose of our grant program is to ease the burden of ongoing care for underinsured families. The mission of our grant program is to provide a helping hand to fill the gap.

Our criteria is simple:

  1. The child has been in the NICU for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks;
  2. The child was covered by medical insurance the entire time of their stay in the NICU;
  3. Child lives in a community served by a participating hospital – includes Life Flight states;
  4. The child received or has a need for therapy or service: physical, occupational, developmental or speech, to name a few. We accept applications for all therapies that can support the well-being of your child, including therapies received during your NICU stay.

All grant applications will be reviewed midmonth, with distributions made between the 1st and the 7th of the following month (subject to verification of supporting documentation and approval by the board of directors).

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to support your family, we are honored.

– The Love for Lily Grant Committee

*Required Field

Documents Requested for Grant Committee Review: 

  • Proof of time in the NICU – if the child is still in the NICU, proof of time can be provided via letter from the NICU staff or hospital administration.
  • Proof of insurance – copy of insurance card or insurance certificate.
  • Copy of valid drivers license or state-issued ID for the applicant.
  • Anything that documents the therapy needed or a copy of anything that reflects the therapy already provided.