(1 hour per meeting, per volunteer)

This is a role for mamas that have had a baby in the NICU and can help provide support for our facilitators, meals for families and empathy to families walking the road of life in the NICU.



(2-4 hours per month, 4 volunteers)

Do you have the gift of writing? Do you love to share on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram? Do you love to say thank you? Help us show thanks, spread the love and support the amazing families we have the honor to serve.



(No limit to hours or volunteers)

We are always looking for crafty folks to help us make lovies, blankets, nursing/pumping covers, superhero capes and other comforting creations to help children and families in the NICU feel seen and loved. View the sewing patterns we use most and even stop by the LFL studio in Denver to pick up free material.

Let us know if you are interested in joining our team of volunteers by completing the form below.

Bracelets of Love

Help us bring a little extra joy to our families throughout this season! Each bracelet is paired with a note of love and support from our team.

  • Step 1 icon

    Step 1

    Wash your hands and get your materials together. **Please do not skip this step, hand-washing is the best way to keep babies and families safe and healthy.**

  • Step 2 Icon

    Step 2

    Begin stringing your beads. You will use approximately 7 inches of beads. *If there is a word in your pack starting there is helpful.* If you want to hide your knot, you’ll also need 1 bead with a larger hole to be strung first or last.

  • Step 3 Icon

    Step 3

    Once you have reached 7 inches in length (approximately) take the ends and tie an overhand knot. Make sure to pull the cord tight before starting the knot. *Please do not cut the ends off the bracelet.*

  • Step 4 Icon

    Step 4

    If there are enough extra beads in your pack use the extra cord and make another bracelet!
    Put everything back in the bag.

  • Step 5 Icon

    Step 5

    Ship items or drop off at LFL or porch location.

    Ship bracelets to:
    Love for Lily
    PO Box 18957
    Boulder, CO 80303

    If you would like to drop off email love@lflnicu.org for current drop locations.

Bracelet Examples